Goldegg am See - Haus Katherl

Goldegg am See - Haus Katherl

Goldegg am See - Haus Katherl

Goldegg am See - Haus Katherl

Haus Katherl - Goldegg

Haus Katherl - Goldegg

Haus Katherl - Goldegg

Summer in Goldegg and surroundings

Mountain tours

The hiking-bus brings you daily from home to the starting point, which is arranged the day before, and obviously picks you up and bring you home again.

"Alm" - Alpine pasture hiking

Hiking in our pretty area. Visit the alps which are managed by our farmers. Enjoy a snack of fresh milk, cheese, butter, bread and bacon.

Walking Ways

The "Salzburg-sun-terrace" offers you many picturesque walkingways.  Along pretty farms, through little forests offering over and over again a nice view of the "Salzachtal" and the marvelous mountain world.

Bathing at the "Salzburg-sun-terrace"

Morrlake in the center and Böndlsee (clear mountain lake)

Experience swimming-bath / St.Veit: alp-swimming-bath

Rafting at the "Salzburg-sun-terrace"

Rafting on the Salzach - the longest wild water trip in the Salzburg country! A qualified boat leader accompanies you on the two-hour tube boat tour between Kitzlochklamm and Schwarzach.

Golf at the sunside of the Salzburg-Alps

Goldegg in the heart of the golf country Salzburg. Goldegg golf club offers a Five-Stars romantic golf course, an 18-holes tournament course, a clubhouse, and a Pro Shop. Super offers for anybody!

Painting Academy

The Painting Academy with its studios is situated in Schloss Goldegg, the castle of Goldegg, surrounded by the picturesque mountains of Salzburg.

In this unique atmosphere, you have the opportunity to occupy yourself with the various modes of expression of the graphic arts. The course program includes both classic as well as modern approaches to painting.

You will find a wealth of possibilities for creativity in our studios and in the inspiring landscape around Goldegg. After more than two decades of successful work in the graphic arts, the Painting Academy Goldegg belongs to the most distinguished institutions of its kind and offers you a choice of an up-to-date level and of great variety.

Choose from a wealth of possibilities the courses suiting you best and experience a time of relaxation, discussion, consolidation, and self-fulfillment in a creative circle

Schloss Goldegg

A place of encounter.
Seminar for health and awareness.

The encounter at Schloss Goldegg offers a unique ambiance due to the idyllic landscape and location of the castle. The unit of body, soul, and spirit and its interaction for our health and our life-desire form the starting point of the seminars. Schloss Goldegg is an especially fruitful ground for new experiences under the instructions of integrated-oriented doctors, psychologists, and therapists.

Do you seek new impulses, experience a time of relaxation, discussion, consolidation, and self-fulfillment ?
The Goldegg Dialogues, serve as a forum for people interested in current health issues.